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Shore / Saranduk Family: Part III

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Getting to Mordko’s side of the Saranduk clan, let’s review the 1836 census entry we say last time, and review some of the other one’s we haven’t yet seen. Here is the 1836 entry from Torgovitsa for Mordko Saranduk’s family:

Last Name: Saranduk
Year: 1836
Town: Torgovitsa
Uyzed: Uman
Guberniya: Kiyev

Given NameFather’s NameRelationship to head of householdSexAge
MordkoLeybHead of HouseholdM42
RasyaWife of MordkoF36
KhanaWife of GershkoF17
KhanaWife of NakhmanF17

Here is an 1875 census entry for a Duvid Saranduk and his son Itsko Mordko.

Last Name: Saranduk
Year: 1875
Town: Mokra Kaligorka
Uyzed: Zvenigorod
Guberniya: Kiyev

Given NameFather’s NameRelationship to head of householdSexAge
DuvidNakhmanHead of HouseholdM26
Itsko MordkoDuvidsonM6

Now, it just so happens that I was able to find a birth record for an Yitzchok Mordechai born on February 22nd, 1869 to a Duvid and Sarah Saranduk. This is consistent with a 6 year old Yitzchok Mordechai in 1875. The record is from a collection called the Cherkasy Church Books, put online by FamilySearch,

Yitzchok Birth Record

We know already that Mordko has a son named Nakhman, but is Duvid’s father the same Nakhman? It’s possible. Nakhman would be about 56 at the time. It’s plausible he had a 26 year old son named Duvid. But that’s all I have.

We have another census entry, for a Sarandukh family in 1889 from Yelisavetgrad, Yelisavetgrad, Kherson. Many of the same names occur, but the dates don’t seem to to match up. Note that this is a third variant of the spelling, САРАНДУХ not САРАНДУК.

Last Name: Sarandukh
Year: 1889
Town: Yelisavetgrad
Uyzed: Yelisavetgrad
Guberniya: Kherson

Given NameFather’s NameRelationship to head of householdSexAge
GershkoMordkoHead of HouseholdM69
GershMoshkogreat grandsonM
KhayaYudkoWife of MoshkoF21
KhanaMoshkogreat granddaugtherF
KhayaDuvidwife of NakhmanF54
SuraItskowife of DuvidF35

Now, for example, if, as we’ve said in the last post, Gerskho was born in 1793, he would not be 69 in 1889, he would be 96! There are various other strange occurences in this entry. I found that in the original image, some of the the entries were crossed out - and it also seemed to me that the year was 1882, not 1889. Also Nakhman is 10 but has a 54 year old wife? This seems dubious. I’m looking into this entry further.

I took some notes of various other Saranduk births I found going through the Cherkasy Church Books. Here are the names:

NameGenderFatherFather’s FatherMotherMother’s FatherDate
Yitzkhok MordekhaiMDuvidSarahFeb 22, 1869
PessiFShmariaHyam TzviToybaJuly 1, 1889
Avram ElyaMYitzkhokDuvidDubrishYisroel MordekhaiJan 4, 1892
RokhelFDuvidNakhmanDevoraEliezerApril 12, 1895
Yisroel NakhmanMYitzkhokDuvidDubaYisroelFeb 1, 1895
Yisroel MosheMDuvidNakhmanDevoraEliezerJuly 4, 1897
MendelMDuvidNakhmanDevoraEliezerMay 8, 1899
KlaraFPinkhasMoshe YaakovNekhamaYaakov PeysachOct 20, 1909

Some note about these records:

  1. As mentioned above, the first record is almost certainly the Itsko Mordko we saw in the Ukrianian Revision Lists. As such, despite the father’s father’s name not being recorded in the ledger, we know this was a Duvid son of Nakhman Saranduk.
  2. A Yitzkhok son of Duvid Saranduk appears 3 times in this list. Once as a birth, twice as a father. Are they all the same Yitzkhok?
  3. A father named Duvid appears four times on this list. The first time in 1869 as the father of Yitzchok Mordechai. Then three more times, with a different wife, in the 1890s. We know from the Revisions lists that all of the Duvids are Duvid son of Nakhman. Are they all the same Duvid son of Nakhman Saranduk?
  4. The record for Pessi is almost certainly Bessie Fishbein. Pessi is the Yiddish variant of the name Batya, which is the name that appears on Bessie’s tombstone. The parents are also correct. The only thing to mention here is that on her tombstone it says she was born July 8th, 1889, while it says July 1st, 1889 on her birth record. Here parents are Sam and Tillie (Beresowsky) Shore.
  5. The entry for Klara is almost certainly Irene Shore Roth. Her parents were Philip and Netty (Farber) Shore.
  6. These records are in Hebrew and Cyrillic. My entries here are a transliteration, mostly of the Hebrew. There is various other information on these records, but the handwriting is often very bad and it is hard to decipher many things. An example of information that is on the original that I didn’t include is the town they came from. I didn’t include this because it is often hard to decipher and most of the town names have changed. But there is a lot of overlap with the towns on the birth records and the towns on the revision lists.

Finally, another finding from the Cherkassy Church Records - the wedding of Shmaria/Sam and Toyba/Tillie Saranduk/Shore:

The event was to occur August 17th, 1888.

Wedding of Shmaria and Tube Hebrew close up Russian close up

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