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Shore / Saranduk Family: Part II

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It would seem that some more entries from the Ukraine Revision Lists have been put into the JewishGen databases, with these new entries we were able to piece together some more of the family tree - going back to the 18th century.

The earliest is an 1818 entry from Torgovitsa, Uman, Kyiv.

Last NameGiven NameFather’s NameRelationship to head of householdSexAge
SrondikMordkoLeybHead of HouseholdM25
SrondikKhaim GershAbramNephewM20
SrondikBasyaWife of MordkoF20
SrondikKhaya LeahWife of Khaim GershF18

We then have two more entries, both from Torgovitsa, from 1836. One for the family of Mordko (presumably the same one) and one for the family of an 11 year old Avrum Nikhem living with his 35 year old mother. (Yes, the 11 year old male is listed as the head of household, not the 35 year old female. 🤔)

Here are the entries from Mordko’s entry:

Last NameGiven NameFather’s NameRelationship to head of householdSexAge
SarandukMordkoLeybHead of HouseholdM42
SarandukRasyaWife of MordkoF36
SarandukKhanaWife of GershkoF17
SarandukKhanaWife of NakhmanF17

The second Torgovitsa, 1836 is as follows:

Last NameGiven NameFather’s NameRelationship to head of householdSexAge
SarandukArum NikhemKhaimHead of HouseholdM11

Despite the slight variation of spelling in the name (СРОНДИК vs САРАНДУК) the dates mostly check out. For example, Mordko was 25 in 1818. That means he could have been born in 1793 or 1792 (at the survey could have been taken before his birthday). The 1836 census shows Mordko at 42. That means that, he could have been born in 1793 or 1794. So if we assume they are the same Mordko, and that both entries are 100% accurate, then we must conclude that he was born in 1793. The first census has taken after his birthday, the second census has taken before his birthday.

For now, let’s assume that Srondik and Saranduk are the same. And that the records so far are accurate. If so, we know that Leyb had two sons, Mordko and Avrum. In 1818, Avrum’s son Chaim Gersh was living at his uncle Mordko’s house with his wife Khaya Leya. Now, according to the 1818 record, Khaya Leya was either born in 1800, or in 1799, and the survey was taken before her birthday.

In the 1836 entry, we have a person named Avrum Nikhem the son of a Khaim Saranduk, living with his mother Khvula who is 36. Now, to be 35 in 1836, you need to have either been born in 1801 or 1800. So if we assume that Chavula is Chaya Leya, and Avrum Nikhem is the son of Khaim Gersh we need to assert that Chaya Leya was born in 1800.

This is plausible, because we already know that the census taking in Torgovitsa happened later in the year of 1818 than it did in 1836 from Mordko’s case. So the 1818 could have happened after both Mordko and Chaya Leya’s birthdays - and the census taking in 1836 could have happened before both of their birthdays.

Gershko, Mordko’s son, was supposedly 6 in 1818 and 23 in 1836. This is also consistent with the 1818 census happening later in the year than the 1836 census.

But assuming that the data in these Russian census data are infallible seems dubious to me. Also, it doesn’t work for everyone. I can’t justify the 2 year difference in Basya / Rasya (I’m assuming really Basya?).

In the last post on the Saranduks, I referenced a 1858 census from Talne - I’ve copied the table here:

Location: Talnoye, Uman, Kyiv
Surname: Saranduk
Year: 1858

NameRoleGenderAgeFather’s Name
AvrumHead of householdM34Khaim
Khaim HershSonM9Avrum
Moshe YankelSonM6Avrum
KhayaWife of AvrumF32

Notice that the Avrum Nikhem from Torgovitsa is born in the same year as the the Avrum in Talne. The father name for Avrum in both instances is Khaim. We can demonstrate a trend of Saranduks migrating from Torgovitsa to the Talne area at this time. To me it seems reasonable to speculate that this is the same person. Also, Khaim Hersh is the name of Avrum Nikhem’s father, who was apparently gone by the time Avrum Nikhem was 11. This would imply to me that Avrum Nikhem named his firstborn son after his late father.

This would give us the following lineage for Khaim Hersh and Moyshe Yankel:

Leyb Saranduk / Srondik has two son’s, Avrum and Mordko.
Avrum has a son named Khaim Hersh, who marries Khaya Leya and has a son, Avrum Nikhem, and a daughter, Beyla.
Avrum Nikhem marries Khaya and had at least two sons, Khaim Hersh and Moysha Yankel.

I’ve tracked down some interesting records from the Mordko side of the Saranduk family, but I think that will have to be for a future post.

On a sadder note, the Jewish cemetery in Torgovitsa was demonished and is now a field. No tombstones where preserved.

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