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New Talne - Saranduk Records

New records added by JewishGen shed new light on the Saranduk's in Talne.

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Some new records from the Ukrainian Revision Lists related to Talne, have recently been added to the JewishGen database, they’ve written about it in a recent blog post. I checked and found some new Saranduk records. Some of these records add some new details and definition to the Saranduk family tree. In the current post I will not be trying to cover all of the new records, only records concerning the Talne Saranduks.

In the last post I wrote that previously the first know record of Khaim Hersh Saranduk (Hyman Shore) was this 1858 census:

Location: Talnoye, Uman, Kyiv
Surname: Saranduk
Year: 1858

NameRoleGenderAgeFather’s Name
AvrumHead of householdM34Khaim
Khaim HershSonM9Avrum
Moshe YankelSonM6Avrum
KhayaWife of AvrumF32

Well, a 1850 record was just added revealing that Khaim Hersh had an older sister named Malka:

Location: Talnoye, Uman, Kyiv
Surname: Saranduk
Year: 1850

NameRoleGenderAgeFather’s Name
AvrumHead of householdM26Khaim

There is another record from 1897 where we find some interesting details about Shmarya Shore.

Location: Talnoye, Uman, Kyiv
Surname: Saranduk
Year: 1887

NameRoleGenderAgeFather’s Name
Avrum*Head of HouseholdM75Khaim Gershko
KhayaWife of AvrumF70Mot
ShmariyGrandsonM28Khaim Gershko
TubaWife of ShmariyF25Avrum Yudko
Duvid LeybRelativeM4Shmariya
Pysenko, KhanaSisterF65Gershko

* RECORD NOTE: that the transcript on has the name of Avrum as Аврум Хаим (Avrum Khaim), but from what I can tell from the original image, the father’s name is determined from a patrynomic (Avrum Khaim Gershkovitch). I think the transcriber assumed that it was Avrum-Khaim Gershkovitch as opposed to Avrum Khaim-Gershkovitch. However, my inability efficiently to read Cyrillic handwriting has prevented me from further investigating this.

This is the first time we find Shmariya in the Revision Lists. It is also the first time we find any reference to Avrum’s sister, or to Khaya’s (Avrum’s wife) father’s name.

Earlier I had pointed out that there’s an 1836 record of an 11 year old, orphaned, Avrum Nikhem Saranduk in Torgovitsa. I speculated that they this may be the same Avrum. However, the lack of any other place where the name Nikhem is seen, even on Hyman Shore’s tombstone, and the fact that his sister Khana, who is 10 years younger than him, doesn’t appear on that record - to me is further evidence that they are not the same Avrum.

There is also a record of a Motez Volko son of Khaim Gersh Saranduk. This apparently Hyman’s son, Mordechai Ze’ev - or Wolf Saranuduk, later known in America as William Serin. William Serin was referenced earlier, and if G-d wills it, I hope to spend some time later sharing my findings on William and the Serin branch of the family.

Location: Talnoye, Uman, Kyiv
Surname: Saranduk
Year: 1897

NameRoleGenderAgeFather’s Name
Motez VolkoHead of HouseholdM26Khaym Gersh
Peysya BrukhaDaughterF1Motez Volko

We also find Hyman Shore, living with his wife and younger children.

Location: Talnoye, Uman, Kyiv
Surname: Saranduk
Year: 1897

NameRoleGenderAgeFather’s Name
Khaym GershHead of HouseholdM45Avrum
ReyzyaDaughterF16Khaym Gersh
MoshkoSon14MKhaym Gersh
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