Elul Logs II

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Friday, September 1st

I went to sleep late last night. I wasted time when waking up. I’m baruch Hashem davening with a minyan generally 3x a day. I did have time to learn some mussar before davening.

Sunday, September 3rd


Today I davened at the 6:15 minyan at Zichron Moshe. I did come a bit late. Even so, that minyan is very, very fast. It may be better just to go to the 7am. Even with skipping I can’t keep pace.

I spent the time in between with my family. It may be helpful to set a specific time for these activities. Otherwise, they have a tendency to cause tunnel vision where if I haven’t done all of them, I feel guilty about relaxing at all.

Clearly the task of putting all my I want to accomplish everyday in a multi dimensional matrix is too daunting. A day is a dynamic chunk of time. Many times it seems impossible to even know in advanced. I suppose that’s what these logs are for.

I’m actually happy with the scope of your resolutions. They were a bit of a reach, but they seem doable. Many times I think to myself I should up the ante, but I think that sometimes I’m just looking to give myself an excuse to fail.

For example, the נץ minyan at Aish Kodesh is great and I’d really rather go there every day. But I’m concerned that if I do that I’ll burn out. Waking up at 6 is already early for me.

I’ve fallen a little behind in Daf Hayomi. We going through the עבד עברי sugyot. A bit of a slog.


I’m very, very tired. Not feeling so well. Have a headache. I think it’s from the AC

I sort of lied. Someone said he wakes up at 5am every morning. I asked him why he does that. Someone else there asked my “but don’t you also wake up then?” I replied: “Yeah, but I know why I wake up early, but why does he?” (I live in בית שמש and commute to TLV after davening, this person lives in TLV.) I should’ve corrected him that I don’t wake up at 5, I wake up at 6. Counting as lie.

I mostly caught up in Daf HaYomi but am still a little behind. Still l learnt more than a Daf (almost 2) so counting it. I learnt mussar on the train to work.

My son is leining at school tomorrow morning. I had to help him. I ended up going to sleep late.

Monday, September 4th

Today I woke up and woke up Eliyahu to practice his leining before shul. I went to the 6:40 minyan at KSY. It’s a much farther walk than Zichron Moshe, but the pace is somewhat better.

I’m going to WFH today, and I think also on Thursday. Better to be in a shul for krias hatorah.

I caught up with Daf HaYomi today! 😌

Here is a link to the spreadsheet.

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